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The Law Futures Centre (Law Futures) is reimagining the way we think about the law in the twenty first century.  Law Futures was established in 2015 to produce outstanding scholarship — often interdisciplinary — that anticipates, innovates and meets pressing emerging challenges for law and legal institutions in Australia and internationally.  It seeks to harness law as a key melioristic tool for shaping a better, more just future. 

Our members are committed to outstanding collaborative research that is responsible for global change. Law Futures competes successfully for significant external research grants. Its researchers have received significant funding for cutting-edge research, including from the Australian Research Council, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Open Society.  Its members include Australian Research Council Future Fellows, Fulbright Scholars, and Australian Development Research Award holders.  

At the current time, Law Futures four core Programs concentrates on legal problems posed by expanding and new forms of: i) international legal dynamics (led by A/Professor Sue Harris Rimmer and Professor Charles Sampford), ii) ecological decline (led by A/Professor Afshin Akhtarkhavari), iii) rapid innovation (led by A/Professor Brett Freudenberg), and iv) the practice of law (including the education of lawyers) and law’s future (led by Dr Kylie Burns and Dr Edwin Bikundo).


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